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Ion Detox Foot Spa

foot spa st petersburgToxins that burden the body’s health saturate modern life. Everything from crop fertilizers to vehicle emissions can contaminate your body, which is why it’s so important to detoxify and pull those free radicals out of your system. Dr. Adams offers the Ion Detox Foot Spa as a quick, gentle, and non-invasive way to purify and balance the body.

Toxins Are All Around You

Unfortunately, there are few components of daily life that are not tainted by the presence of toxins. The food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe all contain toxins that hamper the body’s ability to heal itself. Lifestyle choices like smoking, drinking, and eating an unhealthy diet dramatically increase the quantity of toxins to which the body is exposed.

When toxins accumulate in the body, they help free radicals thrive. Antioxidants are meant to kill free radicals, but many people don’t have enough antioxidants in their system to overcome the dangerous power of free radicals. Instead, the free radicals are able to circulate through the body, damage cells, and create disease and illness.

The Ion Detox Foot Spa Treatment

The Ion Detox Foot Spa offered by Dr. Adams is a comfortable, simple, and efficient treatment. You are able to relax with your feet immersed in a basin of warm water, while the foot spa utilizes ionization and osmosis to remove toxins through the pores of your feet. Since the foot contains more than 2,000 sweat glands, it is the ideal surface to stimulate organs and extract toxins. The water in the basin actually changes colors based on the types of toxins purged from your body.

Benefits of the Ion Detox Foot Spa

Coming to Dr. Adams for an Ion Detox Foot Spa treatment will deliver dramatic health results for your body. Not only will your body’s pH levels become balanced, but that stabilized pH will support your immune system and help your body fight illness and disease. Other common benefits include:

  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Significant Pain Relief
  • Reduced Stress and Improved Sleep
  • Clearer Skin
  • Liver and Kidney Cleansing
  • Reduced Headaches
  • Improved Digestive and Kidney Function
  • Minimized Allergies
  • Weight Loss Support

Whether you are suffering from a specific ailment or simply want to boost your health to the next level, the Ion Detox Foot Spa can improve your well-being and help you feel better than you have in years. Contact Dr. Adams today at (727) 328-2299 and schedule your appointment to eliminate harmful toxins from your system.

I had my first surgery in 2008 with Dr. Adams amazing results! No regrets returning when I wanted to change in 2019. I also had a lower blepharoplasty last year and it was and is absolute perfection ! I healed quickly with no signs of having the procedure done shortly after everyone was amazed at the results:)
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