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PDO Threads Non-Surgical Facelift

Dermal fillers and Botox have long been favorite anti-aging tools for the midface and forehead regions. Now, the NovaThreads treatment offers an innovative way to fight signs of aging along the lower face, neck, and jaw. This simple, non-surgical, and virtually painless procedure uses resorbable PDO threads to restore the jaw’s “V-Shape” that defines a beautiful and youthful face. Dr. William Adams, M.D. is a NovaThreads specialist who offers this cutting edge treatment to men and women in the St. Petersburg area who want to look and feel younger without undergoing any surgical procedures.

A Non-Surgical Innovation

The NovaThreads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), which is the same material used in sutures utilized for many years in cardiothoracic surgery, as well as for other biomedical biomedical purposes. This material is ideal because it is safely absorbed by the body within six months without causing any scar tissue formation. During a NovaThreads procedure, a small cannula is used to strategically place thread under skin.

Since each PDO thread placed under the skin is interpreted as a foreign body, the process triggers extra collagen production that helps the skin become tightened and lifted. This collagen builds a structure around each PDO thread, and after six months when the threads are absorbed back into the body, the youthful skin structures they helped to create remain in place for a year or more.

Nu-Mesh and Nu-Lift Treatments

NovaThreads can be used strategically in the Nu-Mesh and Nu-Lift techniques to target unwanted signs of aging in specific ways.

The Nu-Lift technique focuses on repositioning the skin in order to provide an instant, non-surgical face lift. During the Nu-Lift, the PDO threads are used as “hooks” that gently pull the skin upward to recreate and restore the youthful “V-Shape” of the face. The PDO threads simultaneously stimulate accelerated collagen production to further enhance the quality of the skin and build healthy skin structures that remain long after the threads have disappeared.

The Nu-Mesh technique, meanwhile, caters to improvements along the lips, neck, and cheeks, because it creates a “mesh” of threads under the skin. Since the skin reacts to the threads by producing extra collagen, wrinkles smooth away, the skin gains more elasticity, and pores shrink. Within two to three months of the Nu-Mesh procedure, maximum collagen production is achieved, and the skin tissue continues to enhance over a period of four to six months. At that point, the PDO threads are absorbed into the body. The final treatment result lasts 9-12 months.

Enviable, Long-Lasting Results

Dr. Adams and his team offer NovaThreads as an innovative non-surgical treatment that can do everything from lifting the skin and reducing nasolabial and marionette lines to contouring the jawline. Best of all, this “lunch hour facelift” offers impressive benefits without the complications associated with surgery. When you work with Dr. Adams to receive your NovaThreads, you will look and feel years younger.

I had my first surgery in 2008 with Dr. Adams amazing results! No regrets returning when I wanted to change in 2019. I also had a lower blepharoplasty last year and it was and is absolute perfection ! I healed quickly with no signs of having the procedure done shortly after everyone was amazed at the results:)
Leah Reign - Tampa, FL