Neck Lift

Often, the neck shows signs of aging sooner than the face. The neck is one of the first places we show advancing age. Who needs those horizontal creases, fatty jowls or the dreaded “turkey wattle?” Weight loss and heredity can also affect how your neck looks. If you have loose, hanging skin, horizontal bands or lines, or fatty jowls, a neck lift may be right for you. Through a variety of surgical techniques, Dr. Adams can enhance the appearance of your neck, making you more confident about your neckline.

Customized Surgery

A Platysmaplasty essentially removes excess sagging skin under the jawline and on the neck itself. The platysma muscle in the neck can also be adjusted and fortified. Dr. Adams can restore you a lithe neckline that gives your overall appearance grace and elegance, as well as improve and sharpen the contour of your jaw.

A neck lift procedure frequently involves a combination of different techniques to target specific concerns. For example, liposuction may be used to reduce excess fat deposits. The platysmaplasty can include tightening the muscles of the neck in order to remove unsightly lines running across the neck horizontally. This technique may include realignment of the muscles or removal of a portion of the muscle in order to create a smoother appearance. Excess skin may also be trimmed away during the neck lift. By lifting and tightening these soft tissues, Dr. William Adams can give you a firmer, more youthful-looking neck.

Frequently, a neck lift is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures focusing on the appearance of the face. For example, Dr. Adams can refine the look of your chin or jowls, resulting in significant improvement in your facial appearance. For patients seeking a more dramatic transformation, neck lifts may be combined with Body-Jet liposuction, a face lift or other cosmetic surgical procedures.


If you are self-conscious about how your neck looks, a neck lift might be just the thing for you. Most neck lift patients are seeking to reverse the visible effects of aging. Others wish to minimize the effects of weight fluctuations or heredity on the appearance of their neck. Ideal candidates wish to smooth and tighten the appearance of their neck and see their neck as a “problem area” that they would like to change.