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Breast Surgery St. Petersburg, Florida




Amanda Scott, patient

A provider of sustenance, an object of desire, a thing of beauty. And isn’t it great they come in twos?

To Dr. William W. Adams, a woman’s breasts are works of art to be enhanced with his aesthetic eye and supple hands. Above all, he wants his patients to be pleased — thrilled — with the results. Around St. Petersburg and beyond, countless women have benefited from Dr. Adams’ caring artistry. These women are easy to spot. You turn your head when they walk into the room.
Follow the above links for more information on Dr. Adams’ breast enhancement procedures. Procedures may be combined to provide the best aesthetic and healthful results. You may also reach the doctor by visiting our contact page.

Breast Lift
For many women, the size of their breasts isn’t an issue. Its just that their breasts are no longer firm, but sagging downward. Childbirth, breast-feeding, changes in weight and aging can all affect the shape and firmness of a woman’s breasts.

Sagging breasts can affect a woman’s self-confidence and even her fashion choices. Braless fashions are no longer flattering. Even the support of a well-formed brassiere cannot completely restore the fullness. A breast lift removes the excess skin, lifts the tissue and forms a firm, youthful looking breast using only a woman’s existing breast tissue. Nothing could be more natural than to bring your breasts back to the best they can be.

Breast Augmentation
Having larger, firmer breasts can make a woman feel sexier and more confident with their body, which is why breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery performed. Using saline or silicone implants, Dr. Adams has helped many women achieve their ideal chest size with this popular procedure.

Breast augmentation is used to not only to increase the size of the breast, but also to create the shape and firmness that flatters a woman’s figure. With youthful, full breasts, many women can finally wear clothing that accentuates their new cleavage and sexy curves. Whether they want to enhance their breasts due to loss of firmness and size from age or weight loss or just want larger breasts for their own aesthetic value, Dr. Adams helps his patients find the right size and shape to make their vision come true.

Breast Reduction
Having large breasts is not always a blessing for some women; instead, they can become a burden, making it difficult to find flattering clothes, participate in sports and even can cause painful medical problems. Breast reduction surgery is a viable option for women who are looking to reduce and reshape their large breasts into smaller breasts that compliment their figure.
Many women who undergo breast reduction do not only want smaller breasts; they also want firmer, beautifully shaped breasts that will enhance their appearance. Combining a breast lift with a reduction is a common customization that Dr. Adams offers to give his patients breast that are smaller, sexy and easier to live with.

Breast Reconstruction
Women who have lost one or more of their breasts due to cancer or other reasons may feel like they are no longer sexy, having lost part of makes them a woman. However, with breast reconstruction surgery, many of these women can regain their self-confidence and beautiful, firm breasts with the help of an experienced surgeon like Dr. Adams.

Reconstruction of breasts lost to mastectomy or other problems is a complicated yet rewarding surgery. With careful consideration, Dr. Adams works with his patients to design the best new breasts from existing tissue, skin grafts, implants and many other techniques. Each surgery is unique to the patient, taking into consideration their vision for their new breasts along with many medical factors.

Implant Removal and Replacement
For one of several reasons, a woman with breast implants may decide they want their current implants removed, sometimes reverting to natural breasts while other times having their existing implants replaced. They may want a different size or shape than their current implants, or they are experiencing issues with their older implants such as hardening, leaking or scar tissue. Whatever the reason, it is important to have the right surgeon to perform this additional surgery to their satisfaction.

Dr. Adams is sensitive to the frustration a woman may feel when she is no longer happy with the breast implants she received. Maybe she was never happy with the look or feel of her implants. With careful planning, together with the patient, Dr. Adams can work to remove the current breasts and leave the patient with the size, shape and firmness of the breasts that they desire.

Male Breast Reduction
Gynecomastia or enlarged male breasts is a widespread problem, affecting men of all ages, sizes and lifestyles. For some men, breast enlargement begins when they are only in their teen years, often causing them embarrassment and a loss of self-confidence. Others may begin to form larger breasts due to weight gain, hormonal or medical problems. Regardless of the cause of gynecomastia, there is a surgical solution.

Male breast reduction surgery is a viable option for men that want to lose their enlarged breasts to regain their flatter, male chest. In the hands of an accomplished surgeon such as Dr. Adams, the surgery can be relatively quick, with little pain and a fast recovery.

Male Pec Implants
Women are not the only ones that are conscious of how their chests look. Men want a sculpted, well-formed chest and pectoral area that looks sexy both bare and under a tight shirt. Unfortunately, sometimes even spending months at the gym cannot create the chest that many men strive to achieve. With male pec implants, men can also have a surgically enhanced chest that will improve their appearance and self-confidence.

Like a female breast augmentation, male pec implants are chosen based on the size and shape that the patient desires. Dr. Adams consults with his male patients to find the perfect implant to get the correct dimensions and shape for a beautifully sculpted chest that is proportionate to their body.


I had my first surgery in 2008 with Dr. Adams amazing results! No regrets returning when I wanted to change in 2019. I also had a lower blepharoplasty last year and it was and is absolute perfection ! I healed quickly with no signs of having the procedure done shortly after everyone was amazed at the results:)
Leah Reign - Tampa, FL