My staff and I would like to thank our thousands of patients during my nearly three decades in plastic surgery. Effective December 1, 2023 I am retiring and closing my practice. Thank you for everything and I look forward to the next chapter of my life.

Mommy Makeover

Mothers devote so much time, make so many sacrifices, to children and family that sometimes their own well-being gets lost. A Mommy Makeover is one of the hottest trends in plastic surgery. The endeavor is not one-size-fits-all, but rather a highly personalized combination of procedures that reverse the unwanted effects of childbearing and aging.

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A facelift, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, reduction or lift, liposuction and other techniques can be involved in your ideal rejuvenation strategy, which you’ll plan with the caring counsel of Dr. Adams. And remember: Mommy Makeovers are not selfish; they’re not just for you. A family wants — needs — a mother and wife who feels great about her appearance. Kids and husbands want happy, healthy, hot moms.

I had my first surgery in 2008 with Dr. Adams amazing results! No regrets returning when I wanted to change in 2019. I also had a lower blepharoplasty last year and it was and is absolute perfection ! I healed quickly with no signs of having the procedure done shortly after everyone was amazed at the results:)
Leah Reign - Tampa, FL