10 May

Women, This Treatment Will Give Your Sexual Wellness a Major Makeover

Vaginal health isn’t a topic that many women feel comfortable discussing, but it’s a major problem that impacts millions of women. In the past, vaginal tissue changes could not be reversed or resolved; they were simply a part of the aging process. Now, a new and innovative treatment called Geneveve has been developed to change all of that. In just 30 minutes, one Geneveve treatment has the power to renew vaginal tissue and responsiveness.

Why Do I Need a Geneveve Treatment?

Vaginal tissue changes over time, especially after childbirth and menopause. Aging makes these changes more pronounced as collagen fibers lose strength and a feeling of looseness called laxity develops. As a result, millions of women are currently suffering silently from their loss of sexual sensation and satisfaction.

If you are experiencing the following, Geneveve can help reverse your symptoms by restoring vaginal tightness:

  • Tampons feel like they are slipping out
  • Your vagina feels loose during intimacy
  • You have noticed a decrease in physical sensation during intimacy
  • You sometimes feel air flowing from your vagina
  • The fit with your partner is not as snug as in the past

How Does Geneveve Renew Vaginal Tissue?

The Geneveve treatment uses a patented deep-heating energy and surface cooling tool to safely stimulate your body’s natural collagen formation process. When enough heat is strategically delivered into the vaginal tissue, it can generate healthy, new collagen without harming the delicate surface tissue. Thirty minutes is all it takes!

How Will Geneveve Change My Physical and Emotional Wellness?

By restoring your vaginal health and reducing or eliminating painful and embarrassing side effects of vaginal laxity, Geneveve will help you feel years younger and give you dramatically more confidence in yourself. You can expect to feel and experience results gradually.

  • Most women feel results about 30 days after treatment.
  • The effects become fully developed about 90 days after treatment.
  • 90 percent of women treated reported statistically significant tightening, sensation, and satisfaction at 12 months post-treatment.   

If you are ready to take back your intimate moments and restore your sense of self, call (727) 328-2299 to make your Geneveve appointment with Dr. Adams in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr. William W. Adams MD

Plastic Surgeon at Dr. William W. Adams MD
Dr. William Adams is a serious surgeon. After stints in San Francisco, Portland, Oregon and Little Rock, Arkansas, he established his practice in St. Petersburg in 1995. For his internship and residency, he chose the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, in large part because the program allowed him to immediately concentrate on plastic surgery. Find out more about Dr. Adams on Google + and Facebook