20 Sep

Why You Need to Talk Exercise at Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Do you exercise regularly? Even if you don’t at this point, you should talk to your plastic surgeon about your exercise habits and needs throughout the process. Your plastic surgery consultation will take place at least a few months ahead of your scheduled procedure so that you have a chance to prepare your body for a successful surgery and recovery. Here are some things you need to think about when talking to your plastic surgeon about exercise. 

Exercise habits should be put in place now.

Exercising for at least a few months prior to your surgery will improve your results and shorten your recovery period. Most plastic surgery procedures cause some repair of the muscles to be required. If you build up those muscles before the surgery, it will make the healing process faster. 

Appropriate exercise and activity level for each stage of recovery

You can’t assume that you will continue exercising during recovery as you would before the procedure, even if you are a seasoned athlete who exercises daily as a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Each stage of your recovery will have some physical restrictions and limitations that you need to observe if you don’t want surgical complications. Discuss these restrictions with your doctor prior to your surgery.

Adapting your exercise preferences to accommodate your new body.

If you have a breast augmentation, some of the more vigorous exercises may no longer be comfortable, or may require additional support. You may need to make other minor adjustments to your usual exercise habits. Talk to your doctor about these, so you can be prepared to address the challenges as they arise.

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