20 Mar

Why and How You Should Train Yourself To Sleep On Your Back Before Breast Surgery

Regardless of what type of breast surgery you are having, it will be important to sleep on your back during recovery. Whether you are getting a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast implant revision, the tissues of your breast will not be able to heal properly if you sleep on your side or tummy. Fluid can build up, swelling and inflammation can increase, and bleeding can occur. 

Most people do not naturally sleep on their back. If you are one of the many side or tummy sleepers, you are probably going to have a very hard time making the adjustment to sleeping on your back. It will take time and practice to make it happen, so you should start making the change as soon as you have solid plans for breast surgery.

There are several things you can do to train yourself to sleep on your back. Propping yourself up on pillows, especially a pillow with good neck support, will help you stay on your back. The slight incline will also be healthy and promote healing after your surgery. You can also place pillows behind your knees and under your elbows to help prevent rolling over in the night.

One of the best options is to invest in two body pillows, one for each side of you. This will keep you from rolling over in your sleep. It might be difficult to sleep at first as you wake each time your body tries to change position. But after several nights you should get used to it.

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