08 Feb

What To Expect After Getting Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic treatment for getting rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. By targeting areas of fat that won’t go away even with diet and exercise, liposuction can help you attain a more toned, contoured physique. 

Body-Jet is a safe, advanced method of liposuction available to patients today. This procedure uses a gentle jet of water to precisely dislodge and eliminate fat from the treatment area. In comparison to other methods of liposuction, Body-Jet involves a shorter recovery period with less discomfort, but what exactly can you expect after Body-Jet liposuction? Let’s find out. 

What To Expect After Body-Jet Liposuction 

Immediately After the Procedure

Local anesthesia is used in Body-Jet liposuction so that you feel comfortable during the procedure. This means that you’ll need someone to drive you home after the surgery, and someone should stay with you for the first 24 hours after the procedure. 

While patients may experience some soreness, inflammation, and bruising in the treatment area, these effects are typically minor and will go away quickly. Body-Jet reduces damage to the surrounding tissues, allowing for less swelling and discomfort after the procedure. Additionally, results from Body-Jet liposuction are apparent immediately.  

Weeks Following the Procedure

Most patients are entirely pain-free by the fourth day after Body-Jet. Within two weeks of the procedure, patients can usually get back to their complete routine and compression garments won’t need to be worn. This recovery period is much less extensive than that of traditional liposuction, making Body-Jet ideal for patients who can’t take long periods of time off from work or need to promptly return to other responsibilities. 

Dr. Adams is one of the few plastic surgeons in the St. Petersburg area who offers Body-Jet liposuction. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting treatment option for body sculpting and shaping.  

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