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What To Discuss at Your Breast Reduction Consultation

The consultation with your plastic surgeon is the first step in receiving breast reduction surgery. This consultation is crucial to get to know your doctor, better understand the procedure, and inform your doctor about your goals for the procedure. To ensure that you feel prepared for your breast reduction procedure, make sure to discuss the following points:

Your Desired Results from Breast Reduction

Women often have different cosmetic goals, and breast reduction surgery should be tailored to their personal preferences. During the consultation, you’ll talk about why you want breast reduction surgery and your desired outcome from the surgery. This is an important step to ensure that you’re happy with the results of breast reduction surgery. 

What Type of Breast Reduction Surgery Is Right for You

Many different types of breast reduction surgery are available. Each type differs in the amount of breast tissue that’s removed. Breast reduction can also be performed in conjunction with a breast lift, which will give the breasts a more lifted look. 

During your consultation, you’ll discuss the various types of breast reduction surgery with Dr. Adams to determine which option is right for you. The surgery type should align with your desired breast size and shape. 

What Scarring To Expect

Surgical procedures lead to scarring, but an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Adams will strategically place the scars from breast reduction surgery so that they’re not visible. During your consultation, you can ask about where to expect scarring and how it will be positioned for minimal visibility. 

What the Recovery Period Will Be Like

As with any surgical procedure, breast reduction involves a recovery period. During the consultation, before you undergo the procedure, make sure to ask your doctor about what to expect during recovery. You’ll also need to prepare in advance for the weeks after the procedure, as patients generally need to take time off for the first week or two to rest. You can also plan, at this time, to have a loved one pick you up from the hospital.

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