08 Apr

Weight Loss with HCG

hcgBy now you may have heard of human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG. It has been featured in many health magazines and talk shows such as the Dr. Oz show. It is a revolutionary means of weight loss that aids in quick fat metabolism causing patients to lose up to one pound a day! While this type of weight loss on a regular diet is not recommended, HCG along with a soup of B12 and amino acids allows for fast weight loss without health risks.

HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body during pregnancy. When obese patients inject HCG, the body is tricked into believing it is pregnant, and therefore when fewer calories are consumed than needed for fuel, the body burns abnormally stored fat (the excesses in our abdomen, lower chin, arms, etc.) instead of healthy fats or muscle mass. This allows the individual to maintain normal metabolism since they are not losing any muscle mass.

HCG treatment is normally combined with a shot of B12 and amino acids that boost energy levels and aid in the burning of excess fat.  The combination has been found to create the amazing effect of super-fast fat burning while providing extra energy. Patients who often feel fatigued, state they feel full of energy all day long.

In addition to the HCG daily injection, the weekly B12 and amino acids injection, the patient is placed on a 500 calorie diet that promotes quick weight loss. This type of diet without the use of HCG is dangerous, but the HCG hormone allows the body to retain healthy body fat and muscle mass while dissolving abnormal excess fat. Patients say they don’t feel hungry even consuming only 500 calories a day as HCG is also a natural appetite suppressant.

The best part about it is, since the metabolism is not weakened and muscle mass is retained, most patients are able to maintain their weight loss over time. As with any diet or exercise program, you will of course need to retain a healthy life style in order to maintain the weight loss but your doctor will help you learn these skills during treatment. You have so much to lose by talking to your doctor about HCG today!


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