20 Sep

Three Reasons Men Want Pec Implants

Pec or chest implants, as well as other procedures, are becoming much more commonplace among men. In fact, men are using cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance more frequently than ever before. One of the common procedures that men want is pec implants to make them appear more muscular and defined. Here are three reasons men opt for this procedure.

Reconstructive Surgery

Sometimes men want pec implants as a reconstructive surgery. They may have had a botched surgery in the past that affected the appearance of their pecs or has made it difficult to achieve definition through typical means. Some men also have a condition called Poland Syndrome, which results in one pec muscle being less defined than the other regardless of their efforts in the gym. About 35 percent of male cosmetic patients choose pec implants for this reason.

Slim or Slight Build

Some men are naturally slim or slight in stature, and no amount of working out or lifting weights can change it. These men often feel slighted in life because no matter how much effort they put in to their workout, they will remain skinny and undefined in their musculature. Pec implants, butt implants, and ab implants are the only way that these men will ever achieve the definition they crave.

Adding to Muscle Definition

About 32 percent of the men that ask for pec implants already have some muscle definition and just want cosmetic surgery to make their definition even more pronounced. These men are the ones that compete in weight lifting and other contests, and they want to appear even more muscular than they already are.

If you are a man thinking about pec implants, now is the time to take action. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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