10 Aug

Three Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you feel that your breasts are too large, or if you are having significant back or shoulder pain due to large breasts, you might want to consider breast reduction surgery. There are many benefits to having breast reduction surgery, some of which you may not have previously considered.

Decreased Pain

Large breasts, especially when on a smaller body frame, can cause significant back and shoulder pain. Depending on the type of bra that you wear, shoulder and back pain can be increased or decreased. The only real way to eliminate this type of back and shoulder pain is to have a breast reduction. When done for these medical reasons, the procedure can even sometimes be covered by health insurance.

Increased Activity

Often women with larger breasts avoid intense activity because their breasts move too much, making them uncomfortable and self-conscious. After having a breast reduction, you may be able to increase your activity level. You can take up jogging or other athletic activity, or increase your exercise routine to include more strenuous exercises for your upper body. This increased activity level can improve your health and make you feel much better.

Boosted Self-Confidence

It can be very self-conscious to have large breasts. You may always feel as though people are looking at your breasts, or that you are identified by them. This can be very detrimental to your mental health, self-image, and self-worth. Having a breast reduction takes away these feelings and emotions so that you can have more confidence and feel better about yourself.

If these or other benefits of breast reduction surgery sound appealing to you, contact us today for more information or to schedule your consultation.

Dr. William W. Adams MD

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