02 Feb

The Neck Lift is More Popular Than You’d Think

plastic surgery 1Botox, dermal fillers, and laser hair removal have become popular and very mainstream in the past few years, but not as many people are recognizing the powerful impacts of the neck lift. Age and gravity are a double-whammy on the neck region, which is one of the first places to show age with loose neck skin, excess fat under the skin, and muscle banding. Many people opt for a neck lift in order to restore youth, shape, and tone to the neck without having to change the appearance of the upper face.

The Goals of a Neck Lift

You may consider a neck lift if you wish your neck and jawline were sleeker and more defined. Excess fat, folds, and lines can all be eliminated, raised, and tightened to return the neck to its original youthful appearance.

A neck lift will not, however, stop the aging process entirely. It can reverse damage already done by aging, but it can’t change your fundamental appearance.

Details of the Surgery

A neck lift is different than topical and non-invasive procedures; it’s a surgery done either with liposuction or incisions. A full neck lift involves tightening and sewing together the platysma muscle, trimming away excess fat and skin, repositioning tissue and skin with secured sutures, and closing the incisions.

It’s common for a neck lift to be performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures that focus on the appearance of the face.

After the Surgery

Since a neck lift is a surgical procedure, there is some downtime involved after the 1-3 hour surgery. Your neck may feel tight for a few months after surgery, and you need to watch your incisions to ensure they heal properly and don’t accumulate fluid or bleed.

However, once you’re all healed up, you will enjoy a smooth, graceful neckline that enhances your overall appearance and instills a greater sense of self-confidence.

Dr. William W. Adams MD

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