20 Jul

The Best Cosmetic Treatments For Men

So much of the cosmetic industry caters to women, but we can’t forget about the men who want to enhance their appearance as well! Cosmetic procedures for men have become a special niche as more male patients are looking for solutions to their aesthetic problems.

The following three cosmetic treatments are popular among men of all ages, and they can help you look and feel your best.


This non-invasive procedure only takes about an hour. That’s the equivalent of one intense workout, yet just one session is all you need to freeze and naturally eliminate unwanted fat from your trouble spots. CoolSculpting achieves controlled cell death that destroys fat cells permanently, so it is best used on the pockets of fat that exercise and healthy eating never seem to improve. Your abdomen and love handles can become slimmer and more contoured effortlessly.

Laser Hair Reduction

If you’re ready to escape the constant need for shaving, or the overwhelming embarrassment of your thick back and chest hair, laser reduction is the perfect treatment for you. It only takes a short series of virtually painless treatments under laser lights to significantly thin or even completely remove hair on any part of the body.

Once hair does grow back, it grows back far thinner, and another round of laser treatment keeps it away even longer. Eventually, shaving, ingrown hairs, and razor burn become things of the past.


You can utilize Botox to enhance your appearance and confidence. Botox relaxes facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles on the face caused from extreme facial expressions, so just one Botox treatment can take years away from your appearance by smoothing frown lines.

You can also use Botox to prevent excessive sweating. This is a valuable treatment if you’re always self conscious about your body odor or the risk of sweating through your shirt or suit. It only takes one single treatment to enjoy benefits for at least six months!

With options and results like these, it’s no wonder that men want a piece of the cosmetic enhancement industry. Call (727) 328-2299 today to make an appointment for these treatments with Dr. William Adams in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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