05 May

What are the Reasons for Male Breast Reduction?

man with doctorGynecomastia, characterized by enlarged breasts in boys or men, is a condition caused by an imbalance of the estrogen and testosterone, naturally occurring hormones. Gynecomastia surgery, also known as male breast reduction, is a more common plastic surgery procedure than you may think. When correctly performed by a well-trained surgeon, male breast reduction is an extremely rewarding plastic surgery procedure as it provides the patient with renewed confidence that goes along with an improved self-image. Read More

25 Mar

Implants: Not Just for Women Anymore!

surgeryHundreds of thousands of women undergo breast augmentation procedures every year in the United States. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), along with the United States Census Bureau, estimates that roughly 5% of women in the U.S. have seen plastic surgeons for the procedure. Site directory . Men are taking notice in more ways than the obvious. Men are now undergoing their own form of breast augmentation designed to increase the size of the pectoral muscles in the upper chest. Read More