20 Apr

Staying at Home: Using the Time to Plan Ahead

The coronavirus pandemic and stay-at-home orders mean that more and more people are stuck at home. It is very easy to become depressed in times like these. You are cut off from friends, family, and social circles. You are restricted in your shopping. You may be out of work. Finances could be tight or seem impossible, and there is the fear of getting sick and fear of the future. 

The best way to cope with these issues is to look forward to the future. What can you do for self-care when all of this is over? What do you want to accomplish when you can once again leave your home as normal? For some people, that includes plastic surgery that they’ve been putting off.

Of course, you can’t get plastic surgery during the current crisis. All non-essential businesses and medical offices have been closed, and that includes plastic surgeons. However, we can help you with a phone consultation or answer your questions, and we can schedule ahead in anticipation of the end of the crisis.

Even if you can’t take your first steps toward plastic surgery right now, you can start planning for your procedure. Talk to friends and family and find out who you can count on during your journey and recovery. You may need help at home, and you will definitely need someone with you on the day of your surgery. Most people are really busy most of the time, so planning ahead and scheduling around your support person’s calendar well in advance is a good idea.

You’ll also want to think about the timing for your surgery. Not only do you need to be able to have help, you also need to schedule around your own personal calendar. You’ll have to clear time off with your employer, make arrangements to have help with children or housework, and figure out the best time for everyone in your household.

Now while you are stuck at home is a great time to make these plans. Although we will not schedule your procedure until after the crisis has ended, we will be able to answer your questions and help you plan ahead.