07 Jan

Should I Consider a Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a procedure in which breast implants from a previous breast augmentation procedure are removed. There are a handful of reasons, both cosmetic and medical, why patients may want implants removed. Here, we’ll discuss these reasons to help you determine if you should consider a breast implant removal. 

Dissatisfaction with Current Implant Size

The most common reason why women undergo breast implant removal is dissatisfaction with the size of their current implants. Cosmetic preferences change over time. So to achieve the aesthetic that they want, women may need to undergo breast implant removal. This way,  smaller or larger replacement implants can be used. Breast implant removal surgery can allow patients to achieve their changing cosmetic goals.

Dissatisfaction with Current Implant Appearance

Women may also undergo breast implant removal because they don’t like the look of the implants. The implants may seem too high on the chest, too far apart, or asymmetrical. Some women also come to think that their breast implants look unnatural, leading them to undergo breast implant removal. 

Choice To Return to Natural Breasts

Sometimes, women simply grow out of the desire to have breast implants. These patients may undergo breast implant removal to restore their natural breasts. This will provide a more subtle look and bring back the natural feel of the breasts.  

Medical Complications

Another potential reason for breast implant removal is medical concerns. If you’re having a medical complication with your breast implants, such as implant rupture, hardening, or excess scar tissue, breast implant removal may be recommended to address the complications. 

The choice to undergo breast implant removal largely depends on your preferences. If you’re having second thoughts about the look of your implants or if you’re experiencing medical complications from the implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Adams today for expert guidance. 

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