10 Apr

Reasons To Consider Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that restores the appearance of the breasts for women who lost breast tissue, commonly due to breast cancer treatment. There are several reasons women may opt to undergo breast reconstruction, including:

To Regain Symmetry in the Breasts

In many cases of breast cancer, the patient will choose a single mastectomy over a double mastectomy for treatment. Single mastectomies are generally performed in women who only have breast cancer in one breast. This procedure leaves the patient with only one remaining breast. In this scenario, breast reconstruction surgery can restore symmetry in the breasts for a balanced, natural appearance. 

To Improve How Clothing Fits

Losing one or both breasts can affect how clothing fits, so women may undergo breast reconstruction to regain a good fit in their clothing. During the procedure, additional tissue is added to the breasts so that they’ll fill out shirts and blouses for a feminine look. 

To Avoid a Breast Form

A breast form is a prosthetic breast that can be worn beneath clothing to create the appearance of a breast. While breast forms can give you the appearance of having natural breasts beneath clothing, some patients prefer to have the feeling of natural breasts and avoid having to manage a prosthetic every time they get dressed. 

Breast reconstruction surgery is an alternative to wearing a breast form to manage lost breast tissue. After this procedure, you’ll look and feel like you have natural breasts. Plus, you won’t have to manage the extra garment from day to day. 

To Get Back Your Confidence

After losing breast tissue, many women’s confidence levels take a hit. With breast reconstruction surgery, however, you can regain confidence in the appearance of your breasts. Your surgeon will customize the procedure to your needs so that the results match your cosmetic preferences. 

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