08 Oct

Pec Implants: What Men Need to Know

pectoralisMost plastic surgery attention surrounds procedures for women, especially when it’s the chest we’re talking about. Breast augmentation is a growing trend, but not many people talk about its male cousin, pectoral augmentation.

Pectoral augmentation is performed to give men sculpted chest definition. It is frustrating to devote endless time at the gym trying to attain the ultimate pecs and still not see results. Pec implants solve this problem by help men achieve their perfect chest to improve self-confidence and give them the look they’ve been seeking. But how does it work?

The same silicone used for breast augmentation is also used for pec implants to guarantee firm, permanent, leak-free, pecs that look natural with the body. A small incision is made to create a pocket beneath the pectoralis major muscle. The implant is carefully placed into this pocket, and the muscle lining sutured to close the skin. Ask your doctor if he uses absorbable and subcuticular sutures that minimize scarring.

Pectoral augmentation is truly an art, just like any other cosmetic surgery. The planning of size and shape will impact the outcome, so it’s vital to choose a doctor whose judgment, concepts, and execution you trust.

The surgery will last about 2 hours, and you are usually permitted to leave shortly after the operation. Spend the first day after your surgery sleeping to help your body recover and heal (hello, Netflix binge session!). It’s very important to use the medications you receive as directed, but never take other medicines or supplements since they can cause rather undesirable side effects. The surgical incision should heal within 2 weeks, but you need to limit movement and stress to the implant location for at least 6 weeks. Any extra stress too early can cause complications.

After your 6 week recovery period, you can flaunt your new pecs and feel totally confident with your new physique.


Dr. William W. Adams MD

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