20 Aug

How Your Current Diet and Exercise Level Impact Your Future Plastic Surgery

Are you planning on getting some elective plastic surgery in the future? If so, it is never too early to start thinking about how you might make your recovery period shorter and easier. One of the biggest keys to a successful surgery and fast recovery is to be very healthy with a good diet and exercise program well before your surgery actually takes place.

But how can what you do now affect the outcome of future surgeries? Actually, it can in quite a few ways.

A healthy body has a healthy immune system.

The most common complication of plastic surgery procedures is post-surgical infections. In fact, this is the most common complication of any surgery. These infections can happen even if the hospital is meticulous about sterilization simply because bacteria cannot be eliminated entirely. If you have a healthy diet and exercise regimen, your immune system should be in good shape to fight off or prevent such infections from occurring or requiring medical intervention beyond antibiotics.

A fit physique heals faster.

If you have a well-rounded exercise program that keeps your body firm and trim, it’s going to go a long way toward making your cosmetic surgery recovery easier and faster. This can be especially true if you are having breast augmentation or reduction or other body contouring procedures.

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