20 Oct

How to Talk to Your Doctor about Breast Implant Removal

Is it time to say goodbye to your implants? There are a lot of reasons you might want to have your breast implants removed. First, they only last for so long, and you need to be proactive about having them removed before they become a problem. But even if you haven’t had your implants as long as you could have, there are some good reasons to have them removed.

That doesn’t make it easy to talk to a plastic surgeon about removing implants. It seems to be the opposite of what they do, right? But in reality, depending on why you want the implants removed and your ultimate aesthetic goals, we should be able to handle your breast implant removal or revision successfully.

Why you want your breast implants removed

The first thing you need to discuss with your cosmetic surgeon is why you want your implants removed, if it is not because it has been more than 10 years since your implants. If you want your implants removed because they don’t look or feel natural but you don’t want to lose a lot of cup size, you might need a breast implant revision. On the other hand, if you want smaller breasts, you might need only breast implant removal and a breast lift.

You should definitely be prepared to discuss a breast lift.

If you get smaller breast implants or have your implants removed entirely, you are going to need a breast lift. This simple procedure removes excess skin, fat, and tissue so that your breasts are lifted to a more natural and perky position without adding volume. 

You can, of course, get small breast implants and have a breast lift to complete the look. You may also need to get a breast lift even if you get implants of roughly the same size if you get a different and more natural shape.

Be open to considering smaller implants.

Regardless of why you want to remove your breast implants, consider getting smaller implants instead of going without. Smaller, more natural implants can be placed so that they move with your body, making them appear as though they are completely 100 percent you. In many ways, they are. 

If you need to discuss removal of your implants with a trusted surgeon who will review all of your options, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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