26 Aug

Give Your Body a Lift

cosmetic surgeryOver the years, certain parts of the body will begin to droop and sag, whether it is from regular aging, weight gain, childbirth or lack of exercise. When certain areas begin to droop, you may not be able to firm those areas up with quick fixes. A lot of the time, the best way to improve these areas is through plastic surgery. Many surgeries are specifically designed to give those areas of the body the lift that they need.

Lift Surgeries from Head to Toe

The face is one of the body parts that will sag the most as people age. No anti-aging cream can reverse some of the droopy areas under the eyes, mouth and neck. If you don’t have one problem area and just want to rejuvenate the face, then a face-lift is the answer. A face-lift can get rid of most of the wrinkled and sagging skin on the face, all in one procedure. Face-lifts tend to have the most drastic results.

Otherwise, many procedures target specific areas of the face, such as a brow lift, eyelid lift or neck lift. Brow lifts and eyelid lifts can give the areas around the eyes a more youthful appearance, while a neck lift will remove sagging skin from the neck area for a rejuvenated appearance.

Other Parts of the Body

Surgeries of this type are available for other parts of the body as well. A breast lift will give the breasts a youthful appearance. This surgery is great for women post-childbirth or for women who want that firm bust. A thigh lift concentrates on the area that many people have trouble with, the thighs. This procedure firms and tones the thighs, giving a brand new look.

With all of these surgeries, you can give your body a full lift and be on the way to a new you!

Dr. William W. Adams MD

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