10 Aug

Getting Back to Sexy After Weight Loss

Losing weight is really important for your health; but let’s face it, most people lose weight because they want to look sexy (or at least thinner). With that goal in mind, it can be very disappointing when you lose a lot of weight only to find that you are still unable to wear those sexy little spaghetti-strap numbers with confidence. 

Unfortunately, you can lose a significant amount of weight and still have “flab” simply because your body was unable to tone as you lost the weight. This most often happens when you lose a large amount of weight without a solid exercise regimen, but anyone who loses a lot of weight can be affected. 

You have a few different options when it comes to ridding yourself of this stubborn flab that just won’t tone or melt away. Which is right for you depends on your unique situation.

Diet and Exercise

Of course, the best way to get your body into the shape you want is through natural diet and exercise. We are able to help you make these changes to try to take control of your body, but we also understand that these measures don’t always work for stubborn areas. When diet and exercise aren’t the answer, we can give you body contouring options that are right for you.

Jet Liposuction

BodyJet Liposuction is a great solution for people who just have a little bit of stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. Jet liposuction uses a controlled flow of water to break up and flush away stubborn fat. It requires only a few small incisions for the cannula, which means you don’t have a long recovery period.

Tummy Tuck

Is your lower abdomen the only part of your body that seems to be stubbornly hanging on? A tummy tuck could be your answer. This surgical procedure will remove the fatty tissue and skin to contour your body to the shape you desire. 

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