20 Aug

Four Elements of a Full Cosmetic Face Transformation

If you have noticed the signs of aging, including some sagging to your face, you might be considering a face lift. However, there are several procedures that are commonly done at the same time as a face lift for a total transformation. A face lift is really only the beginning of this process. You can get these procedures at the same time as your face lift. Here are the four cosmetic procedures that can transform your face.

Face Lift

Of course, you want to start with the face lift. A face lift will remove excess skin and tissue to firm up and lift your face so that it looks smooth and young again. A face lift really helps address the sagging that can sometimes happen around the eyes, cheeks, and mouth.

Neck Lift

Most people who have sagging on the face also have sagging skin around the neck. This can sometimes look like a turkey’s wattle, or it might look like a double chin. In either case, you can correct this with a neck lift. This procedure can be done at the same time as your face lift.

Eye Lift

While a face lift can pull the skin tight at the temples so that your eyes look a bit better, if you have sagging around the eyelids this will not be corrected by a face lift alone. An eye lift removes excess tissue and skin on and around the eyelids to give your eyes a brighter, more open look.

Brow Lift

Like the eye lift, the brow lift helps smooth out the skin between and around your brows. While a face lift alone can make some improvements in this area, it takes a brow lift for true correction of this sagging and wrinkling. 

If you are interested in a face transformation of your own, contact us today for more information or to schedule your consultation. We can help you determine which, if not all, of these procedures are right for you. Contact us today.

Dr. William W. Adams MD

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