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Finding the Fountain of Youth

skin care2We are all beginning to live longer. Advances in modern medicine and anti-aging products coupled with society’s increasing focus on preserving health, wellness, and longevity are leading indicators of an extended lifespan. But there is no denying that age takes its toll! Over time, the ability of our bodies to fix and repair problems diminishes, manifesting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and other signs of aging.

Plastic surgery is a viable option for those who seek to regain or retrieve their youthful looks. Surgeons are beginning to offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures for both men and women who are pursuing the fountain of youth. What are some of the new trends in this quest to look youthful?

New Trends in Plastic Surgery

More men are seeking breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation procedures than ever before. Other popular options for males include face rejuvenation surgeries, surgical procedures to attain six-pack abs, and non-surgical aesthetic interventions. An increasing amount of teenagers, both male and female, are going under the knife for breast enhancements and other cosmetic improvements.

Procedures for reducing wrinkles are on the rise, from popular injections like Botox to other options including Juvederm and Radiesse. Lid lift surgery is also increasing; eyelid operations were the fourth most requested surgery performed in 2014, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

An acceleration in weight-loss surgeries has spawned a related escalation in cosmetic weight-loss operations, from tummy tucks, thigh lifts, upper arm lifts, and breast augmentations. Procedures in the bum area are one of the large growth areas for plastic surgery. From buttock lifts to implants, people are beginning to focus more on their backsides.

The aging process is undeniable. Consulting a plastic surgeon for the various ways to fight the aging process can offer a myriad of options for retaining or regaining your youthful looks!

Dr. William W. Adams MD

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Dr. William Adams is a serious surgeon. After stints in San Francisco, Portland, Oregon and Little Rock, Arkansas, he established his practice in St. Petersburg in 1995. For his internship and residency, he chose the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, in large part because the program allowed him to immediately concentrate on plastic surgery. Find out more about Dr. Adams on Google + and Facebook

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