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Everything You Should Know about Implant Removal and Replacement

Implant removal and replacement is the lesser known side of breast augmentation, but it is equally as important. Since priorities change over time, many women find themselves desiring a new or different look as they get older. It’s especially common for younger women to want bigger breasts while older women prefer smaller and firmer breasts instead. Breast implant and removal procedures make it possible for a woman’s look to evolve with her as she ages.

Why Might Implant Removal and Replacement Work For You?

There are two main reasons that you might find yourself contemplating implant removal and replacement: Either your aesthetic priorities have changed and you want to update your appearance, or you are experiencing problems with your existing implants.

Plenty of women make the decision to replace their current implants with smaller implants that better reflect their age and place in life. While a 26-year-old might be happy with D cups, that same woman at the age of 62 might desire a breast enhancement that is smaller, more subtle, and focused on lift and firmness instead of size. Fortunately, implant removal and replacement is a standard process that makes it possible for women to reinvent their appearance.

On the other hand, if a woman entrusts her breast augmentation procedure to an unreliable or inexperienced plastic surgeon, she might suffer from unattractive or painful results. Complications can include implant hardening, rupture, excess scar tissue, or unnatural appearance. In this case, implant removal and replacement can help to reverse those problems and restore a natural an attractive appearance to the breast.  

Consider a Breast Lift At the Same Time

If you are planning on undergoing an implant removal and replacement, you may want to consider receiving a breast lift at the same time. Throughout the time that you have had your current implants, your body has undergone natural changes like stretching of breast tissue, fluctuations in breast volume, and more. When your implants are removed, the need for a lift might become evident. This is a simple enough addition to your procedure, and it will help your final results look even more appealing and youthful.

At Dr. William Adams Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Adams will work closely with you to plan a revision surgery that addresses your needs and meets your goals. Don’t let outdated or damaged breast implants stop you from loving the way you look and feel. Schedule your removal and replacement consultation with Dr. Adams today by calling (727) 328-2299.  

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