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Dermal Optical Thermolysis (DOT Therapy): How Does It Work?

doctor consultationDOT therapy. This is an epidermal process, in which small holes are punched into the skin for smoothing wrinkles and facial lines, and also helps in hiding acne and scars. DOT therapy is a laser resurfacing technique that provides an overall smoothing effect to the skin. Tiny holes are punched which will heal quickly to give a fresh look and therefore, these have been quite famous for beauty treatments and anti-aging procedures. Advantages of DOT therapy are quick healing, minimum downtime, simple procedure, modified treatment methods, rejuvenated skin, personalized treatment and no usage of anesthesia.

SmartXide Dot laser therapy is based on using the skin resurfacing power of the CO2 laser, but in a more controlled and refined manner. The Old CO2 laser is considered the “Gold Standard” for over a decade for skin resurfacing, producing the best results over time. In other words, there was virtually no other technology that seemed to provide the same or equivalent results as that which this procedure could produce. However, this may change with this new Dot technology.

The SmartXide Dot laser is remarkably different from the prior CO2 laser treatments that had resulted in long downtimes. This exciting new procedure is performed in the office while the patient is awake. Only local anesthetics with mild sedation are needed, and the treatment is quick, lasting only 15 to 30 minutes. The downtime after the procedure is very short, with most people resuming normal activities within five to seven days.

Fractional technology has made this new SmartXide Dot laser the preferred resurfacing technology today. This new technology works by creating thousands of tiny holes in the skin to a specified depth. This destroys the abnormal skin surfaces in these tiny holes to eliminate the changes from the aging processes, but leaves good skin tissue on the holes’ sides to allow the skin to rejuvenate and fill in from these sides. The healing process is thus very quick, yet the results are remarkably good. Plus the downtime and potential complications are reduced to a minimum.

Candidates of DOT Therapy

A doctor will examine a person before undergoing this therapy. Also, you will be asked to have a number of tests to best understand your physical condition for the DOT therapy to apply. This procedure is minimally invasive and produces excellent positive results within a short span of time. The advantage of DOT therapy is that a doctor can customize the treatment depending on the physical problem of a patient. The doctor has the ability to control the laser system throughout the treatment phase to pass the laser energy on the skin in optimal amount. People undergoing this advanced laser method are free to go home on the same day without bed rest or staying at the hospital or clinic for days.

There are no side effects or harmful consequences associated with the DOT Therapy. It is absolutely safe to use on any skin surface that is showing fine lines or wrinkles. After the treatment, the skin will return to its normal look within a few days. The trained doctors may apply a cold compression to heal the treated area quickly. DOT therapy is a modern concept for getting that youthful look. Whichever method is coming out in the modern world, with the prudent use of technology, it is because they are considered safe for the users.

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