11 Jan

Considering Hormone Therapy? Pellets are the Way to Go

If you are missing the energy, drive, motivation, or endurance you once had to enjoy your favorite activities, you could have your hormones to blame. It is very common for men to experience diminishing testosterone levels with age, and unfortunately a lack of testosterone impacts not just sexual health but overall energy and wellness as well. Hormone therapy using tiny pellets under the skin offers a convenient, efficient, and safe method to restore your testosterone levels and embrace your life once again.

Set It and Forget It

Hormone pellets are no bigger than a Tic Tac! One tiny pellet contains a customized dosage of testosterone. That pellet is inserted into an area around your upper hip. You barely feel anything during the insertion process since it is completed under local anesthesia. Once it is situated in your body, the pellet delivers a consistent and healthy level of hormones every day. You don’t need to remember to take a pill or apply a cream, because the invisible pellet does all the work! You just get to focus on living a better and more rewarding life.

More Reliable Results

The last thing you want to do is spend the time, money, and energy on hormone therapy, only to have it deliver questionable results. Since pellet therapy provides a constant, low-level stream of testosterone, you can trust that your results will be consistent. You will not have to suffer through the fluctuations that patients using other hormone therapy methods may endure. Best of all, you might notice results in as quickly as one or two days! Your muscle mass and bone density will increase, your fatty tissue will decrease as you lose weight, and you’ll notice improvements in your physical performance.

No Safety Concerns

Pellet therapy does not share the same safety concerns as other hormone treatments. Creams, for example, have the ability to rub off on your partner or children and cause them significant harm. Pills, meanwhile, can easily get into the wrong hands. Pellet therapy is different because it is securely located in your own body, without the potential to threaten the health of anyone around you. Furthermore, pellets do not increase the risk of blood clots like conventional or synthetic hormone replacement therapy!

It is important to turn to a doctor who approaches hormone therapy with years of experience and training, like Dr. William Adams, MD in St. Petersburg, Florida. Dr. Adams specializes in BioTE® bio-identical hormone pellet therapy designed to treat your low libido, mental fog, irritability, night sweats, fatigue, depression, and more. Call (727) 328- 2299 now to learn more!

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