20 Jun

Common Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

breast exchange

If you’ve previously undergone breast implant surgery, breast implant exchange is a procedure to accommodate your ongoing goals. As life goes on, priorities and preferences can shift, leading you to desire different breast implants. While every breast implant exchange is customized to the patient’s needs, there are several common reasons why someone would want to undergo this procedure. These reasons include:

Wanting a Different Breast Size or Shape

At the time of your initial breast augmentation procedure, your cosmetic preferences may have been different from what they are now. Breast implant exchange gives you the opportunity to change the appearance of the breasts so that they accommodate your current desires. Some women want a smaller breast implant size as they get older, providing a more elegant and understated look. Other women learn that the initial implants weren’t sufficient to achieve their desired look and undergo breast implant exchange to further enhance the size of their breasts. 

Unhappiness With The Look of The Initial Implants

Some women undergo breast implant exchange because they’re unhappy with the results of the initial procedure. The results of breast augmentation aren’t always what you may have imagined, or the result has a different look than you hoped it would. In this scenario, breast implant exchange can alter the look of your breasts so that it fits your wants and needs. 

Switching To a Different Implant Type

Breast augmentation can be performed with either saline or silicone implants. Many women find that silicone looks and feel more like a natural breast than saline. So, some women undergo breast implant exchange to switch out saline implants for silicone implants. Both of these implant types have different benefits, so you should discuss your needs with Dr. Adams during your consultation. 

Breast Implant Complications

In some cases, breast implants can lead to complications, including hardening, rupture, or excess scar tissue. Women who experience breast implant complications may choose to undergo breast implant exchange to remove the damaged implant and restore the look of their breasts. 

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