15 May

Neck Lift Procedure Explained


 Many people think of the face when they consider signs of aging. However, signs of aging often become apparent in the neck before the face. As the skin on the neck loses structure and elasticity with age, the result is sagging skin, creases, jowls, or what’s commonly called a “turkey neck.”

If the aging process has significantly changed the appearance of your neck, or if genetic factors have made you unhappy with your neck, the neck lift procedure could work for you. This cosmetic procedure creates a more flattering, youthful neckline to resolve your cosmetic concerns. 

What is a Neck Lift?

The neck lift may also be called platysmaplasty. This procedure surgically removes excess skin beneath the jawline and on the neck. The platysma muscle, which runs from the chest to the neck and face, may also be strengthened and/or adjusted during this procedure. Read More

30 Dec

Botox Isn’t Just for the Face Anymore

smooth-skinBotox is very well known for its ability to eliminate wrinkles on the forehead and brow, but many people don’t realize that Botox actually has a host of other medical applications that change lives every day!

The History of Botox

Botox actually got its start in the 1960s when an ophthalmologist was searching for a cure for crossed eyes. In theory he realized that he could weaken the muscles that caused the crossing in order to solve the problem, but he couldn’t find an appropriate paralytic. When a biochemist friend provided him with a sample of a purified strain of botulism, Dr. Alan Scott found that it worked in his crossed eyes experiment. He named the drug Oculinum acquired FDA approval to treat those with crossed eyes. Read More

25 Aug

Reversing Sun Damage with DOT Therapy – Instant Youthful Appeal

aging skinMost people understand only too well the damage that the sun’s UV rays can do to their skin. While it’s tempting to enjoy a relaxing nap outside on a summer’s day, those warming sunbeams are actually getting to work in the worst possible way, penetrating the skin and breaking down its elasticity.

The result? Skin that looks discolored and prematurely aged. When combined with other factors such as smoking, poor diet and heavy drinking, it’s a recipe for skin disaster! Read More

27 Jan

The Medical Need for Plastic Surgery: Reconstruction after Skin Cancer Removal

skin cancerThe first thing that most people think about when they hear plastic surgery is face lifts and other procedures that are strictly cosmetic. While this accounts for a majority of the plastic surgery industry, there are procedures that are used as a means of reconstruction following trauma. One of the most common types of reconstructive surgeries around has to do with reconstructing areas of the body once skin cancers have been removed. There are a number of different ways that this type of reconstruction can happen and in most cases, the surgery is based on the type of cancer is removed. Here are a few things that are usually done during and after this type of process take place.

The Preparation Phase Read More

24 Apr

Get Rid of that Turkey Wattle with a Neck Lift

neck liftTight skin around the jawline is one of the benefits of youth. As we age, our skin begins to lose elasticity which causes the skin to sag. Gravity takes its toll and the skin under our chin and around our neck can sag causing that embarrassing “turkey wattle”. You don’t have to start gobbling, however. There is a simple solution called Platysmaplasty. While the surgical name may be complex, and is rather complex for the surgeon, it is a simple surgery for you. Read More

20 Mar

Plastic Surgery in Hollywood

giseleNaturally, men and women alike want to be as good looking as the actors that we all know and love from the silver screen. Fashion magazines, television, and film ingrain the ideals of glamour and beauty into us. Are many of the new up and coming stars just naturally beautiful? Are the rest of us merely contacting a local plastic surgeon in order to catch up? The answer may be surprising.

The Plastic Surgeon Speaks

Several prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeons have come clean with basic statistics. One such surgeon, Dr. Renato Calabria, has performed a staggering number of surgeries on Hollywood’s elite. According to Dr. Calabria, among stars in the age range between 25 and 30, roughly 40% have had surgeries. It’s fairly common for actors in this age range to have nose jobs, breast augmentation, breast lifts, and other forms of breast surgery. Botox is even used, according to Dr. Calabria, “as a preventative measure” to guard against aging. Read More

15 Sep

Why Surgery Is The Best Option For Preserving Your Youth

As cosmetic surgery can often be an expensive undertaking, many would be patients often spend hours searching for effective, inexpensive treatments. Many anti-ageing treatments come in the form of skin creams and ointments, which have now become a lucrative and incredibly valuable industry. However, the science behind many such treatments is sketchy, to say the least, and often these treatments are allowed onto the market with minimal evidence suggesting that they will be beneficial.

Anti-Ageing Cream May Not Be What You Think It Is

There are numerous reasons why anti-ageing creams may not be as effective as consumers are led to believe. These reasons include:

  • The Delivery Method – While some of the ingredients in anti-ageing creams may help to prevent the signs of ageing, they are often only effective when administered into the bloodstream, rather than applied topically as is the case with creams. In this sense, applying anti-ageing cream is as effective as pouring blood on a person who requires a transfusion!
  • The Ingredients – While a few common ingredients in skin creams have been shown to provide effective results, a majority of the time this is not the case. Just because a cream is advertised to “contain” a certain ingredient, it does not mean that the ingredient has been shown to aid in the fight against ageing.
  • Liposomes – Liposomes are one such ingredient. These “fatty shells” are often used to transport age-fighting ingredients under the skin, but numerous studies have shown that liposomes do not pass through the skin, and in fact break down upon contact with the skin.

Although it may appear that you are saving money by electing for skin creams over cosmetic surgery, this is obviously not the case if the creams you are using are not effective. Consider the only real, proven method of fighting the signs of ageing – cosmetic surgery.

Dr. William W. Adams MD