10 May

Top Considerations Before Breast Augmentation

You may think that once you have decided to get breast augmentation that your decisions are over, but there are a lot of things to consider before going through with the procedure. Getting information about these choices before your consultation can be helpful, but your doctor will be the one to help you make these decisions based on the results you want and your unique condition and situation.

Type and Shape of Implants

There are two main types of implants used in breast augmentation, primarily saline and silicone. Of these two types, there are many manufacturers, brands, shapes, and sizes. Not all manufacturers work within the same sizing structure, so it is beneficial to work with a cosmetic surgeon that works with many different types of implants to get the best fit for your goals. There are tear drop shapes, round implants, and other shapes and sizes.

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20 Apr

Signs Your Breast Implants Need to Be Replaced

When you first got your breast augmentation, you were likely warned that implants don’t last forever. Eventually, they need to be replaced. Most women have their implants replaced every eight to ten years. Some women have been known to go 20 years between surgeries. Even though the amount of time your implants last may vary, there are some critical signs you need to get your breast implants replaced.


You may experience hardening of the scar tissue around the implant. This can sometimes cause discomfort, and may cause changes in the appearance of the breast. This is a sign you need to see a plastic surgeon to address the issue and possibly replace the implants.

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10 Apr

Benefits of Pairing a Breast Lift with a Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery can be an important, life changing procedure. Many women having a breast reduction are doing so to prevent chronic back and shoulder pain. Although having smaller breasts is the ultimate goal, you also want your breasts to look natural and perky. Pairing your breast reduction procedure with a breast lift will help ensure your new look is attractive as well as beneficial.

Sagging Breasts

Most women who have large breasts have some sagging. While the breast reduction will remove weight, tissue, and even skin to make your breasts smaller, some sagging could still be evident without adding a breast lift to the procedure. The breast lift will give you perkier, firmer breasts.

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10 Mar

Breast Reduction: A Solution for Back Pain

Many women experience back, neck, and shoulder pain due to large breasts. You may have developed back problems early in life if you developed large breasts before your spine and shoulders were able to efficiently bear the weight. Some women find that they get much larger breasts after bearing children and they do not reduce on their own. Whatever the reason for your back pain, one of the best solutions is to get a breast reduction.

What is a Breast Reduction?

In breast reduction surgery,  breast tissue, fat, and skin is removed to make the breast smaller. This is often combined with breast lift surgery, which can be done at the same time. Often, larger breasts are more prone to sagging, and in reducing the size the breast does not appear perky. Breast lift surgery will tighten the breast and raise it higher on the chest. The nipple can also be moved to be more centered.

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17 Feb

Breast Reduction: A Solution for Back Pain

Having very large breasts does more than make it hard to find clothing that fits properly. Large breasts are often the culprit of back, neck, and shoulder pain. If you are suffering from back pain due to large breasts, a breast reduction may be your best option to relieve pain.

Reasons for a Breast Reduction

Some women who have back pain from large breasts developed their breasts at a young age when they were still growing. The spine and muscle tissues can often fail to keep up with breast growth in these cases, causing extreme back pain at a young age. This can hinder your ability to perform in physical activity or daily tasks.

Other women have problems with back pain because their breasts grew as an adult, either due to pregnancy or weight gain. Often, breast size related to pregnancy decreases on its own, but sometimes this is not the case. Losing weight can also reduce breast size, but not always enough to make a difference in back pain.

Should Breast Reduction Be a First or Last Resort?

Breast reduction should not be your first resort to getting smaller breasts in some cases. If you are overweight, you should try to lose weight on your own before resorting to a breast reduction. If you get a breast reduction and then lose a significant amount of weight, your breasts could end in a size or shape that you do not find appealing.

If you are not overweight and you have large breasts that are causing you pain, over the counter medications and physical therapy can help relieve pain and build up muscles to help support the weight of your breasts. However, when these methods fail, breast reduction may be your only option to get some relief.

If you are suffering from back pain due to overly large breasts and you have tried other methods to cope, a breast reduction could be the answer you are looking for. Contact us today for a consultation.

10 Jul

3 Breast Implant Myths That Need to Be Busted

It’s often easier to find misleading and falsified information than it is to find the truth. This is especially true when it comes to plastic surgery. If you are one of the many women interested in undergoing a breast augmentation but confused about the reality of the procedure, the following myth busters will help you set the record straight.

Myth 1: All Implants Look Fake

False! The truth is that you can customize your breast implants to look any way you want. Some patients prefer a firmer, rounder shape for each breast, but many opt to receive innovative silicone implants that mimic the natural slope and feel of real breasts. You will work with your plastic surgeon to make the best choice for your body.

The quality of breast implants is highly influenced by the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon. Surgeons aren’t just doctors, but artists as well. They envision and create new breasts, so the best plastic surgeon knows how to augment breasts to look modestly enhanced within a patient’s existing contours. Read More

10 Mar

Saline and Silicone Breast Implants: What’s the Difference?

As you begin the process of getting breast implants, you are bombarded with a surplus of information and required to make many important decisions. One of the most crucial choices you will make is deciding the material of your implants: saline or silicone? Each material is well-known and widely used, but one might accommodate your augmentation vision better than the other.  

An Introduction to Silicone Read More

23 May

Breast Implants: These Myths are Busted

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. Millions of women are unhappy with their natural breasts, and breast augmentation offers a safe and effective way to enhance the breasts. Thanks to advanced implant technology, this procedure can be customized for each patient like never before. Nevertheless, quite a few myths still persist that confuse and concern potential augmentation patients, so it’s time that those myths got busted. Read More

15 Nov

Three Important Things to Know about Breast Implant Revisions

breast2You don’t wear the same style clothing for your entire adult life, and you don’t drive the same car, so it only makes sense that you might also eventually desire a change to your breast implants. Any changes made to your implants over the years are known as breast implant revisions. Whether your priorities change with age or you need an expert hand to fix the problems your original plastic surgeon created, breast implant revision can solve your problems. Read More

20 Sep

Your Guide to Breast Reconstruction

breast-augmentationIt often feels like we live in pretty scary times, especially with cancer rates practically flying off the charts. More women than ever before are undergoing voluntary mastectomies to save themselves from the chances of breast cancer, while others are forced to endure mastectomies as a result of spreading breast cancer. Either way, a woman who undergoes a mastectomy has her breasts, and thus what she might perceive as her womanhood, removed. The silver lining is that breast reconstruction surgery has now become a fairly standard procedure available to women immediately after a mastectomy. Here’s what you should know. Read More

24 Mar

What Women Need to Know about Breast Reconstruction

breast reconstructionEvery year, thousands of women are undergoing mastectomies to remove their breasts due to a cancer diagnosis or high risk of future cancer. Whether as a preventative or reactionary measure, a mastectomy is a major choice for any woman since it quite literally takes away two of the very things that make a woman feel feminine and attractive.

The silver lining in such a situation is that Western medicine is advanced enough to have mastered safe and effective breast reconstruction surgery as well. Breast reconstruction can occur immediately after a mastectomy or many months or years afterward, but studies show that many women aren’t aware of their reconstruction options. Read More

08 Mar

Can Men Get Breast Reductions Also?

gynecomastiaThe medical community may call it gynecomastia, but most people call them “man boobs.” Many men have enlarged breasts and feel embarrassed and uncomfortable by that part of their anatomy. Just like women, men can also receive a breast reduction surgery to resolve this problem.

Male Breast Reduction Considerations

Men can eliminate their enlarged breasts through a process known as gynecomastia treatment. The men that are best suited to this surgery are those that feel nervous about removing their shirts to swim, exercising at the gym, and swimming. Many men want more consistent body proportion, and all want to improve their social confidence and alleviate the psychological discomfort associated with large male breasts.  Read More

15 Dec

What Happens When You Want to Change Your Implants?

breast implant sizeIf you have undergone breast implants, you most likely spent many years thrilled with the change in your body and enjoying your new breast size. However, aging can alter opinions and priorities, and you may find yourself wishing for a different size implant after 10 or 15 years. It’s also possible that your implants ruptured, hardened, or caused excess scar formation. Or perhaps your first surgeon didn’t complete the augmentation to your liking. The science of plastic surgery has evolved drastically over the years, and you may be anxious to take advantage of new developments. Read More

10 Nov

Surprising Benefits of Breast Reduction

breast2Breast augmentation garners a great deal of attention, but its cousin breast reduction often gets forgotten as an afterthought. Breast reduction actually plays a very significant role in plastic surgery. Overly large breasts are a painful and obnoxious burden, and the ability to remove excess breast fat, tissue, and skin to finally possess a proportionate breast size is nothing short of a miracle for some women. Read More

22 Oct

Do You Need a Breast Lift, Augmentation, or Both?

breast2Cosmetic breast surgery is among the most popular procedures for women looking to gain confidence in their appearance. Perhaps you are considering a breast surgery because your breasts are sagging, uneven, or not your ideal size. It can be tricky to know whether a breast list or augmentation is the best solution to bring you the results you envision. In some cases, women actually go through with a lift and augmentation in one procedure. But how do you know which is best for your specific situation? Talk to your cosmetic surgeon, of course, but these tips below can give you a head start in determining your path to the perfect chest. Read More

17 Sep

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

breastThe beauty of modern medicine – especially plastic surgery – is that if you do not like something, you can change it. For many women, breast augmentation is more than just a matter of vanity. This kind of surgery can be used to correct abnormalities in breast size and appearance, which can greatly enhance a woman’s self-confidence and improve her self-image. Before you commit to breast augmentation, however, you should familiarize yourself with the procedure and with the associated cost. Read More

10 Sep

Pros and Cons of Breast Augmentation

8-breastBreast augmentation is one of the most common forms of plastic surgery, but, like any kind of surgery, it is a big commitment. Before you schedule an appointment with your plastic surgeon, take the time to consider the pros and cons of breast augmentation.

Pros for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a great option if you are not pleased with the size or shape of your breasts. This type of surgery can be used to correct any abnormalities in the feel or appearance of your breasts, such as nipple deformities and uneven size. One of the most common reasons women get breast surgery is to increase their self-confidence and to improve their self-image. In most cases, Read More

18 Aug

Having Your Breasts Enlarged? What Size?

breast implant sizeWhen you’re researching breast augmentation online, it’s easy to focus on a rather general idea of boosting breast size. You know that you want to have larger, shapelier breasts, and that’s pretty much all that matters!

However, when you commit to the surgery, your surgeon will want to talk specifics. In particular, they’ll want to identify what size is right for you. Read More

11 Aug

Life After Breast Augmentation – What to Expect After Your Surgery

breast augmentationWhen booking a breast augmentation procedure, most people tend to focus on the surgery itself, rather than the events afterwards. However, the recovery process is integral to the success of your operation, and your aftercare will determine whether your cosmetic treatment meets your expectations or not.

Breaking it Down – Immediately After Your Surgery

Immediately after your treatment, you’ll wake from the general anesthetic feeling rather tender. Your breasts are likely to be swollen and bruised, but don’t worry, this is very normal with any type of surgery and isn’t something you need to be concerned about. After all, any invasive surgical procedure takes its toll on your body, and you’ll need time to heal! Read More

04 Aug

Can Breast Augmentation Boost More than Your Chest Size?

8-breastIt’s really important to love the skin you’re in, and to feel confident and happy in yourself. For many people, this isn’t a difficult thing to achieve. But for those who feel self-conscious about a part of their body, feeling confident can feel like an impossible dream.

Thankfully, that’s where cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation can help.

Boosting Breast Size… and Confidence Read More

14 Jul

What to Expect from Your Breast Reduction Surgery

8-breastIf you’re booked in for breast reduction surgery, you’re probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions; from excitement at finally getting the shape you want, to nerves about the procedure itself.

Of course, it’s entirely normal to feel apprehensive about any form of surgery. If you’re anxious about what to expect after the procedure is finished, here’s a helpful guide to help remove the ‘fear of the unknown’ and demystify the event.

Straight After Your Breast Reduction Surgery

As soon as the surgeons have stitched the wound, a dressing will be applied and you’ll be wrapped in a supportive bandage or bra to help keep your breasts in place. Some people worry that this might be uncomfortable on the incision, but don’t worry; they’ve been designed to avoid putting pressure on the site of the incision, and they’re fully adjustable. Read More

26 May

Will Insurance Cover My Breast Reduction?

health insuranceAs soon as a woman decides she is interested in a breast reduction, plastic surgery to reduce the size of breasts, one of the first things she does is research the cost of the surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty. The initial reaction can be sticker shock, as some fees typically run upwards of $8,000, including the surgeon’s fee, surgical center fee, and anesthesiology fee.

As with all cosmetic procedures, in-house financing is often an option. Breast reduction surgery can be unique in that while it is a cosmetic surgery performed by a surgeon specializing in plastic surgery, in some cases it can be considered a medically necessary procedure covered by your insurance. Read More

12 May

Breast Augmentation Still the Plastic Surgery Leader

woman weight lossAccording to the “2014 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics,” released every year by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the breast augmentation procedure still holds the number one spot in popularity. In fact, the number of breast augmentations performed in the past 15 years has increased by 35% to nearly 300,000 procedures per year! Unsurprisingly, breast augmentations have held the title role for years.

Increased public awareness and acceptance, as well as faith in modern medical techniques, have helped increase the popularity of breast augmentation. Women are aware that they can obtain full, natural-looking breasts. There are now at least 20 different sizes of breast implants to choose from. Women who spend time researching their options and make an informed choice tend to be happiest with their results, and report improved self-esteem and improved quality of life. Read More

21 Apr

Changing Your Mind: Removing or Replacing Breast Implants

cup sizeIf you have ever been in the situation where you don’t feel feminine enough, and the idea of replacing your breast implants to the next level arises, would you do it? There are risks such as back aches, tenderness around the breast area, and the somewhat annoyance of your breasts getting in the way of everyday life (such as running and physical activity). Going up a size or two may make you change how you feel about yourself, and the attraction you may receive from others. Replacing breast implants to a larger size can make you stand out from the crowd, and your confidence and self-esteem can go from zero to hero. But there is always a downfall from going up.

However, if you’re in the category of already having breast implants and wanting to remove them due to back and neck pain, then the choice is simply yours. The medical issues outweigh the confidence it may give you in life, but always remember that your health comes first. Removing can only take the pressure off your back and help you be able to take part in physical activities. Depending on the type of implants, it may be worth speaking to a surgeon, to see if the procedure will be safe enough and that there are no risks or potentially negative consequences. An example would be leakage from silicone implants, or having shapeless breasts after the implants have been removed. Read More

07 Apr

Preventative Mastectomy: Making an Informed Decision

woman doctorBreast cancer is a killer disease that every woman in the world is at risk of developing. Doctors and scientists have been battling this disease for so many years now, but they still can’t put an end to it. However, they have come a long way in treating and preventing the disease. Some women have a higher risk of catching the disease, which is why it is incredibly important to have check-ups with your doctor to assess the level of treat breast cancer poses on you. There are a number of precautions you can take to prevent breast cancer, and if you are one of the unfortunate women to be at a high risk of developing the disease, there are surgeries you can undergo that may save your life. One of the major surgeries we wish to talk about, is Preventative Mastectomy, also referred to as Prophylactic Mastectomy. This is an operation that involves the removal of both breasts, and is an option for women diagnosed to be at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Read More

12 Feb

Points to Consider Before Breast Augmentation

giseleBefore you go for your breast implantation, some important things need your attention. Since breast augmentation procedures are quite complicated, it is necessary to proceed with caution. This blog will highlight some more pressing issues associated with the surgery.

Things to do before the Surgery

A crafty breast augmentation procedure can change the way you look. Women always look to enhance their attraction and this is the best way to achieve that. It will reshape your personality and will make you look desirable.

Before you decide to go for the surgery, it is important that someone is available to drive you to and from the hospital. That is because you are required to rest for 48 hours, in order to heal, it is strongly suggested that you don’t drive anywhere. Also, make sure some family member or friend accompanies you during your stay at the hospital.


If you are a smoker, Read More

05 Feb

What You Need to Know about Breast Augmentation

cup sizeIt is a fact that women feel the need for cosmetic surgery more than men. Breast augmentation is perhaps the most important type of cosmetic surgery that women go through. Often, this complicated surgical process increases their physical attractiveness manifold. This blog will look through the informative aspects of breast augmentation that is important for any woman to know before deciding to go through this type of surgery.

The Consultation

It is quite necessary to consult your physician before going through the surgery. It is your right to ask the surgeon his/ her expertise and important information regarding the process. Additionally, you should read the FDA guidelines for the surgical process. The First Division Association or FDA has set forth important guidelines for surgical processes that is a must read for all patients. Read More

02 Dec

Are You the Ideal Candidate for Breast Augmentation?

e-enlargm-12If you are not happy with the shape or the size of your natural breasts, or if you are not happy with how your breasts look after weight loss, breastfeeding or pregnancy, then breast augmentation surgery may be able to help.

Breast augmentation is considered to be one of the most performed procedures in plastic surgery; however, is it the right procedure for you? How do you determine whether or not you are a good candidate for this procedure?

Common Reasons to Seek Breast Augmentation

There are a number of different reasons that you may seek breast augmentation, which include:

  • Breasts that they feel are too small
  • Breasts that are asymmetrical
  • Sagging or drooping breasts
  • Chances in the shape or size of your breasts Read More
06 Nov

Three People to Ask for Breast Surgeon Recommendations

doctor consultationIf you’ve made up your mind that you need breast enhancement or breast surgery, the next step is to get the right recommendation for the right plastic surgeon or breast surgeon. This is not as easy as you think. Unlike going to the grocery store and picking out a product from a shelf, there’s a lot more going on when it comes to finding the right provider of specialized services.

This especially true when you’re dealing with something that might have potential health and safety risks like breast surgery. You really need to be very careful regarding how you go about the process of selecting your surgeon. Read More

27 Oct

Will I Be able to Breastfeed after Having Implants?

breastfeedingIf you are planning to have breast implants and may want to have children in the future that you would like to breastfeed, it is typically recommended that you wait until after you are done having children and breastfeeding before you have implants put in. However, you still might be able to breastfeed after you have implants put in.

Whether or not you can breastfeed will depend on the type of implants that you have, where the implants were placed, and how the surgery was completed. One worry that you may have is that the chemicals from your breast implants may leak into your breast milk. There are some implants that are filled with saline and most caregivers do not see a problem if the saline mixes in with the breast milk. Silicone implants are filled with the chemical silicone and some caregivers say that it is okay if it mixes with the milk as well. If you have any type of implant you will need to discuss this with your caregiver if you are planning on breastfeeding. Read More

21 Oct

Will I Lose Sensation in my Nipples or Breasts after Implant Surgery?

surgeryAfter having breast implant surgery there are some side effects that may occur. Many women will wonder if they will lose the sensation in their breasts or nipples after the surgery. Generally speaking, there are some women who will have nipple sensation disturbance after surgery. For most women, the sensation will go back to normal within about three to six months. In some cases it may take a year or two before the sensation gets back to normal. In rare cases a woman will never have the sensation go back to normal. Read More

14 Oct

What Breast Size Do You Suggest for My Body Frame?

AmandabreastChoosing a breast size for your body frame is a science and an art, which is why you should take care when you are choosing your plastic surgeon. Most plastic surgeons will provide you with a recommendation, but ultimately the decision will be up to you.

When considering the size of your implants there are several measurements that must be taken. You will need to consider the native base width of the breast. This will determine the maximum volume for each implant that you would be able to accommodate. For example, 100 cc differences could make a large difference in a woman with a narrow base width, but would make less of a difference in a woman who has a wider chest wall.

Some of the other critical decisions about the size will be determined by your plastic surgeon. He will look at whether or not the implants are going to be above or below your pectorals muscle. Read More

07 Oct

Are Silicone Breast Implants or Saline Implants Better for me? And Why?

breast implantBoth silicone and saline breast implants are wonderful devices that each has been used successfully for many years. There is really not one that is the best choice for every situation. There are some things that the two types have in common and some differences as well.


When it comes to safety, the outer shell of each type is made out of silicone rubber. In one type the filling is sterile salt water and in the other type it is filled with a silicone gel. There does not appear to be a correlation between breast implants and lupus, breast cancer, autoimmune diseases or thyroid diseases. Both types of implants appear to be similar in safety issues.

Outer shells of the implants do not last forever. Both types tend to have a lifespan of about ten to twelve years. Some may last from fifteen to twenty years and others may only last about five years. Chances are that you are going to have to have your breast implants replaced at some point in time, but there is no set clock for when this may occur. Read More

25 Sep

How Will Breast Augmentation Surgery Change Your Life?

cup sizeIf you’re a young woman, and by a certain age, you realize that your breasts just aren’t growing the way they should, you could be filled with ambivalence and uncertainty about what to do. Should you move forward with breast enhancement surgery or should you resign yourself to what Mother Nature has given you? It can be hard for young women who don’t have big enough breasts (in their eyes) to feel like a woman. Read More

18 Sep

What are the Reasons for, and Benefits of, Breast Augmentation Surgery?

5-800x350If you think your breasts are too tiny, uneven, or don’t have the shape that they deserve, you might want to consider breast augmentation surgery. If your breasts didn’t develop properly, if they shrank because of aging, pregnancy, or rapid weight loss, or if you just don’t have the size or shape you desire, you could benefit from breast enhancement surgery. Breast augmentation is the most common cosmetic surgery performed in the United States. Outside of improving appearance, a lot of women report several other benefits, including new social and professional opportunities, as well as increased self-esteem. You never know just how much breast augmentation surgery could change your life until you’ve had it. Read More

11 Sep

The Advantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery

happy womanBreast augmentation is well known for its ability to boost self-confidence, self-esteem, body image, and make a woman feel happier about herself overall. Several studies have shown a clear link between breast augmentation surgery and increased mood and self-confidence. Still, young women who are thinking about getting breast enhancement surgery shouldn’t think that it’s a “magic bullet” for all of their personal image or body issues. Before a woman takes the plunge and decides to have surgery, she should have a clear understanding of what the surgery entails and discuss her expectations with her plastic surgeon. Breast augmentation is ideal for women who aren’t striving for perfection, but rather want an improvement in how they look.

What Are Some Of The Reasons To Get Breast Augmentation Surgery? Read More

04 Sep

What are the Real Reasons Women Get Breast Implants?

2-800x350So, what is the main reason that women get breast enhancement surgery? It’s the most popular cosmetic surgery in America, but it carries it with the stigma of curiosity and judgment. People want to know why, and sometimes you aren’t treated right because of it. So, what is making women want to get breast surgery? There are an awful lot of women have it done each year. Is it because they’re shallow? Desperate for attention?

The answers on why women get breast implants are a little surprising. Read More