10 Jul

Your Breasts Through the Years: Understanding How They Change

Like any other part of the body, your breasts experience major changes throughout your life, though you may not appreciate many of those changes as you get older! The good news is that a talented plastic surgeon can provide the breast lift, augmentation, or reduction that you need to maintain breasts you love throughout your life.

When Your Breasts Become Breasts

A female’s body evolves with her hormones. About two years after the onset of puberty, estrogen and other growth hormones stimulate the development of glandular, suspensory, and fat tissues that compose mature and fully-developed breasts. Throughout the teenage years, the breasts continue to grow until the final shape, size, volume, and density is achieved in a woman’s late teens or early twenties.

Changes Come with Weight and Pregnancy

Gaining or losing weight will likely impact breast appearance; many women find that their breasts deflate when they lose weight and become larger when they gain weight. The hormonal changes triggered by pregnancy also lead to major changes. Breasts tend to become larger and denser during pregnancy, thanks to the body’s automatic production of breast milk. The nipples also become bigger at this time. However, breasts have a frustrating habit of shrinking and sagging after pregnancy and breastfeeding have ended. Repeated pregnancies intensify these effects, leaving many women wondering whose body they are looking at in the mirror.

The Unwanted Effects of Estrogen and Gravity

Gravity and hormones aren’t always our friends. Over time, the forces of gravity and depleting estrogen levels cause the breast tissue to wither and sag. This effect is even more pronounced for women who have large breasts, a history of smoking, and previous significant weight loss.

What Can You Do?

Though science has yet to find a way to preserve your natural breasts as they looked when you were 21, plastic surgery makes it possible to enhance your breasts to your exact specifications. An experienced and talented plastic surgeon like Dr. William Adams in St. Petersburg, Florida is up to the task! Call (727) 328-2299 to begin your consultation and learn about the different augmentation, lift, and reduction options available.