10 Nov

Breast Augmentation for Bodybuilders

If you are a bodybuilder, there’s no doubt that your health and appearance are incredibly important to you. If you take it a step further and actually compete in bodybuilding competitions, attention to every last detail is crucial for a chance at winning. Both men and women bodybuilders can improve their chances of grabbing the top prize and feel more confident with their figures by considering breast augmentation

Breast Augmentation for Female Bodybuilders

For female bodybuilders, one way to enhance their physique while adding a touch a feminine flair is through breast augmentation. Many female bodybuilders seek out breast augmentation to give themselves a competitive edge, but find that many plastic surgeons are not experienced in performing this procedure on women with very little body fat.

Dr. William W. Adams has worked with numerous female bodybuilders to bring their dreams of the ideal female form to fruition. Dr. Adams knows the intricacies involved in adding implants to an extremely lean and muscular chest, so bodybuilding women seeking augmentation will never be left looking out of balance.

Dr. Adams begins with an assessment of the patient’s current health and history. A physical exam will give the patient the opportunity to point out areas where they desire improvement, including the breasts. Dr. Adams will discuss goals and expectations with the patient before making a decision about what size, shape, and material of implants to go with, along with which surgical method will be best.

Most female bodybuilders look more natural with a silicone implant positioned partially underneath the chest musculature. This gives a softer, more feminine look that competition judges seem to prefer. However, implant flattening and shifting may cause some patients to prefer the over-the-muscle method. Dr. Adams will go over the pros and cons of each option, and help guide you to the choice that will look the best long-term!

Breast Augmentation for Male Bodybuilders

Women aren’t the only ones who suffer with small chests. Many men spend countless hours on chest exercises to no avail and desire a fuller, more ample chest area. This is why Dr. Adams also offers breast augmentation as an option to male bodybuilders who want to build up their pectoral area.

The process of determining which implants and method is best for the male bodybuilder’s surgery is essentially the same as noted above with women. Dr. Adams will assess the patient’s current status, determine their expectations and goals, and make recommendations for the best size, shape, and material of implant, along with which implantation method will look best.

Recovery After Breast Augmentation for Bodybuilders

All breast augmentation patients must refrain from all strenuous exercise for at least three weeks after surgery and refrain from any chest-related exercises for at least 6-8 weeks. This can be incredibly difficult for bodybuilders, who are accustomed to spending long hours each day in the gym.

However, this recovery time is essential for health and appearance. Chest musculature that is strained too soon after surgery may never heal correctly, permanently altering the structure in the area and giving you an unnatural look. Not taking enough time for recovery also increases the likelihood of damage or shifting of the implant, possibly requiring revision surgery to correct.

Instead, focus on cardio and stamina exercises as you work back into your regular routine. Frequent walks are great just as soon as possible after surgery.

Breast Augmentation for Bodybuilders in Tampa Bay

For a breast augmentation consultation in Tampa Bay, contact our St. Petersburg office at (727) 328-2299 or online today! No matter what your bodybuilding goals are, Dr. Adams and his team are ready to help you achieve your dreams with both invasive and non-invasive options to elevate your look and set you apart from the crowd.

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