25 Mar

Who Should Consider a Brow Lift?

If you ever look into the mirror and don’t like the way the years have affected your brow area, you’re not alone. Our brow area is one of the first on the face to show signs of aging, including wrinkles, deep expression folds, fine lines, and thinning skin. Brow lifts are very common for people ages 40-60 and are becoming more and more popular for younger populations as well. Read More

10 Mar

What Are the Best Plastic Surgery Combinations?

If you’ve ever looked into plastic surgery as an option to achieve your physical appearance goals and boost your self-confidence, you know that there are numerous procedures to enhance different parts of the body. When you want work done on more than one area, the prospect of having two or three surgeries to get the results you desire can be intimidatingbut doesn’t have to be! There are many plastic surgery procedures that can be done at the same time so that patients can benefit from: Read More

25 Feb

Get Curvy with a Brazilian Butt Lift

Are you ready for a derriere like you see in magazines and music videos? Do you want a more ample backside and shapely hips and thighs?

Then say hello to the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)!

This revolutionary procedure does double duty by removing unwanted fat from the hips, buttocks, and thighs while strategically restoring lost volume around the buttocks. These two effects combine to give BBL patients that plump and perky bottom that once was limited to celebrities and the genetically blessed. Read More

20 Feb

Six Things You Should Do Before Getting a Facelift

When you look in the mirror, do you feel like you no longer recognize the person you see?  A  facelift might be just what you need! 

A facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. Just like any surgery, a facelift has inherent risks and should only be done by a licensed, experienced cosmetic surgeon, like Dr. Adams in St. Petersburg. Read More

10 Jan

6 Surprising Uses of Botox®

Everyone knows that Botox® is a wrinkle and fine line fighting powerhouse, but did you know that this popular neuromuscular blocker has other uses too?

Below, we list six alternative uses for Botox®. If you suffer from any of these conditions and traditional treatments haven’t helped, contact Dr. Adams in St. Petersburg at (727) 328-2299 to discuss how Botox® might be the best option for you! Read More

10 Dec

Myths About Breast Implants

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you have surely encountered the mountain of information available online about the procedure. From scholarly articles to reviews from actual surgery patients, the internet seems to have an answer for questions you didn’t even know to ask! But, is all of that information out there true? Read More

10 Nov

Breast Augmentation for Bodybuilders

If you are a bodybuilder, there’s no doubt that your health and appearance are incredibly important to you. If you take it a step further and actually compete in bodybuilding competitions, attention to every last detail is crucial for a chance at winning. Both men and women bodybuilders can improve their chances of grabbing the top prize and feel more confident with their figures by considering breast augmentation Read More

10 Oct

The Life-Changing Benefits of Breast Reduction

Most women want an ample bosom, however, when breasts become too large, they can greatly interfere with a person’s quality of life. Men can also suffer from the effects of an overly large chest. Thankfully, we have the surgical ability to reduce extremely large breasts, giving the patients freedom that they may have never known before. The long-term benefits of a breast reduction include: Read More

10 Sep

Breast Augmentation or Breast Lift: Which is Best for You?

One of the most frequently altered body parts with plastic surgery is the breasts. Alterations to breast size, shape, volume, and positioning are done to give a more youthful, well-rounded appearance. Two of the most popular procedures are breast augmentations and breast lifts. But, how do you know which procedure is best for your goals and expectations? What are the differences between a breast augmentation and a breast lift? Read More

25 Aug

Look Years Younger with Juvederm

Everyone experiences change to their faces and necks as they age. Loss of volume in the cheeks, chin, under the eyes, or the lips can be a devastating blow to a person’s self-esteem. Billions of dollars are spent each year in the United States trying to reverse or stop aging altogether.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive, quick, and safe treatment to significantly reduce the signs of aging, Juvederm may be the product you need. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid-based injectable that comes in multiple formulations to treat different areas of the face and neck. Dr. Adams’s top picks from the current Juvederm lineup include: Read More

10 Aug

Brighten Up Your Appearance with a Combined Eye and Brow Lift

Many people say the eyes are windows to the soul. Just like windows, your eyes need a little maintenance from time to time to look and function at their best.

Sagging skin around the eye not only is a cosmetic concern, but it can actually block your vision! This can turn into a dangerous situation quickly. To improve your vision and appearance, your plastic surgeon may offer a combination procedure that lifts the eyebrow and eyelids at the same time. Read More

20 Jul

Cosmetic Procedures to Have Before Your Wedding Day

Before Your Wedding Day

If your wedding day is on the horizon, you’re likely thinking about how you can look your best on the big day. At your wedding, you’ll see all of your loved ones and have countless photos taken of you, so you deserve to feel more confident and beautiful than ever. 

There are several cosmetic procedures that can help brides-to-be feel gorgeous on the big day. Some of the most popular options include: Read More

10 Jul

Anti-Aging Treatments for Your Hands

Treatments for Your Hands

When you think about cosmetic signs of aging, the face is likely the first body part to come to mind. However, the hands also visibly age, often losing the smooth, supple appearance that they once had. Sunspots, prominent veins, wrinkled skin, and dryness are all common signs of aging in the hands.

If you’re looking to reverse signs of aging in the hands, there are many treatments available to you. While these treatments have different approaches, all of them result in rejuvenated hands that you can feel confident in.  Read More

20 Jun

Common Reasons for Breast Implant Exchange

breast exchange

If you’ve previously undergone breast implant surgery, breast implant exchange is a procedure to accommodate your ongoing goals. As life goes on, priorities and preferences can shift, leading you to desire different breast implants. While every breast implant exchange is customized to the patient’s needs, there are several common reasons why someone would want to undergo this procedure. These reasons include:

Wanting a Different Breast Size or Shape

At the time of your initial breast augmentation procedure, your cosmetic preferences may have been different from what they are now. Breast implant exchange gives you the opportunity to change the appearance of the breasts so that they accommodate your current desires. Some women want a smaller breast implant size as they get older, providing a more elegant and understated look. Other women learn that the initial implants weren’t sufficient to achieve their desired look and undergo breast implant exchange to further enhance the size of their breasts.  Read More

10 Jun

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation

As people age, the skin tissue loses volume and elasticity due to reduced levels of collagen. The vaginal tissue is no different. With the aging process, women experience a loss in the strength and structure of the vaginal tissue. As collagen production in the body naturally decreases with age, laxity becomes a more prominent issue. Childbirth, genetics, and certain lifestyle habits can also contribute to vaginal laxity. 

For women experiencing looseness in the vaginal tissue, particularly around the vaginal opening, vaginal rejuvenation is worth consideration. This cosmetic procedure restores the strength and tightness of the vaginal tissue, providing numerous benefits to patients. The main benefits of vaginal rejuvenation include: Read More

25 May

Popular Plastic Surgeries for Men


Plastic surgery is overwhelmingly targeted at women. But, men can equally benefit from feeling confident in their appearances as women. That’s why Dr. Adams offers multiple procedures that can address male patients’ cosmetic concerns. 

Male breast reduction and pec implants are two of the most popular plastic surgeries for men. These procedures can effectively enhance your appearance by giving the body a more toned, muscular look. 

Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a condition that leads to enlarged male breasts. It’s caused by hormonal imbalance and can affect men or boys at any age. Whether triggered by puberty, the aging process, weight gain, or other factors, gynecomastia can cause your confidence to take a hit. Read More

15 May

Neck Lift Procedure Explained


 Many people think of the face when they consider signs of aging. However, signs of aging often become apparent in the neck before the face. As the skin on the neck loses structure and elasticity with age, the result is sagging skin, creases, jowls, or what’s commonly called a “turkey neck.”

If the aging process has significantly changed the appearance of your neck, or if genetic factors have made you unhappy with your neck, the neck lift procedure could work for you. This cosmetic procedure creates a more flattering, youthful neckline to resolve your cosmetic concerns. 

What is a Neck Lift?

The neck lift may also be called platysmaplasty. This procedure surgically removes excess skin beneath the jawline and on the neck. The platysma muscle, which runs from the chest to the neck and face, may also be strengthened and/or adjusted during this procedure. Read More

20 Apr

3 Procedures That Can Help You Be Bikini-Ready by Summer

This summer, you deserve to confidently throw on a bikini and head to the pool, but body insecurities all too commonly hold people back from showing off their figures in a swimsuit. With the range of body procedures available at Dr. William Adams Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, however, you can achieve the bikini body you’ve always wanted. 

Body-Jet Liposuction

Many people adopt a healthier diet and hit the gym to slim down before the summer season. However, these weight loss efforts don’t always result in the toned, defined physique that many people are after. Stubborn fat may not respond to diet and exercise, leaving people with insecurities in a swimsuit.  Read More

10 Apr

Reasons To Consider Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that restores the appearance of the breasts for women who lost breast tissue, commonly due to breast cancer treatment. There are several reasons women may opt to undergo breast reconstruction, including:

To Regain Symmetry in the Breasts

In many cases of breast cancer, the patient will choose a single mastectomy over a double mastectomy for treatment. Single mastectomies are generally performed in women who only have breast cancer in one breast. This procedure leaves the patient with only one remaining breast. In this scenario, breast reconstruction surgery can restore symmetry in the breasts for a balanced, natural appearance.  Read More

24 Mar

Are You a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is an established solution for body sculpting and the removal of stubborn fat. It’s not a solution for extensive weight loss, but it can help you get rid of unwanted fat in areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise efforts. 

We use advanced Body-Jet technology to perform liposuction. This modern method is a safe, gentle, and convenient liposuction technique, but are you a good candidate for this liposuction procedure? Continue reading to learn more. 

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16 Mar

How Do I Know If My Implants Need To Be Replaced?

Breast implants are popular among women to enhance the appearance of the breasts. While breast implants are long-lasting and should withstand 10 years at a minimum, they will eventually need to be replaced. It’s important to know when your implants need a replacement for both cosmetic and medical reasons. 

Reasons for Breast Implant Replacement

There are many reasons why patients may have their implants replaced. Sometimes, patients undergo implant replacement because they want to alter the size or shape of their breasts. However, implants may also need to be replaced to ensure the safety of the patient. Implant rupture and hardening are complications of breast implants that would create the need for a replacement. 

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08 Mar

What Is the Best Age for a Facelift?

The facelift, which is also called rhytidectomy, is a longstanding plastic surgery procedure. Effective and reliable, a facelift will give you a more youthful appearance by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and sagging skin. 

If you’re thinking about getting a facelift, timing is an important factor to consider. While a facelift will reverse current signs of aging, it won’t prevent future skin aging, so it’s important to time your facelift for the maximum benefit.

The Right Age To Get a Facelift

For most, the right age to get a facelift is in the 40s, 50s, or 60s. At this point, signs of aging typically become visible and start to diminish people’s youthful appearance. At this point, the facelift procedure can take years off of the face, visibly rejuvenating it.

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24 Feb

How Long Does It Take To Heal After a Facelift?

Facelift surgery is a reliable, long lasting cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve a more youthful appearance. Time-tested and effective for sagging skin, deep wrinkles, double chins, and more, many patients opt to undergo a facelift for a rejuvenated look. 

Given that a facelift is a surgical procedure, recovery time is one of the main concerns among patients. While the recovery period will have small variations depending on the individual, we can offer insights based on what most patients experience. 

Here, we’ll discuss what you can expect from the healing process after a facelift. 

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16 Feb

Should I Consider a Breast Lift During My Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation, which is often called a “boob job,” is the most prevalent cosmetic breast surgery around today. With this plastic surgery procedure, women can achieve larger, more youthful-looking breasts. 

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you may have also encountered the option to have a breast lift during the procedure. Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation has helped many women achieve perkier, beautiful breasts to match their cosmetic goals, but is this option right for you? Keep reading to learn more about a breast lift with breast augmentation. 

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08 Feb

What To Expect After Getting Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic treatment for getting rid of stubborn, unwanted fat. By targeting areas of fat that won’t go away even with diet and exercise, liposuction can help you attain a more toned, contoured physique. 

Body-Jet is a safe, advanced method of liposuction available to patients today. This procedure uses a gentle jet of water to precisely dislodge and eliminate fat from the treatment area. In comparison to other methods of liposuction, Body-Jet involves a shorter recovery period with less discomfort, but what exactly can you expect after Body-Jet liposuction? Let’s find out. 

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27 Jan

Breast Lift 101

The natural aging process takes a toll on the breasts, leading to drooping and a loss of firmness. If you’re interested in improving the youthful appearance of your breasts, a breast lift could be an excellent solution for you. Here, we’ll cover the basics of the breast lift procedure and how it can restore fullness and perkiness in the breasts. 

What Is a Breast Lift?

Also called mastopexy, a breast lift is a surgical procedure that’s designed to lift the breasts for a more youthful, flattering appearance. Rather than changing the size of the breasts, which is done in breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery, the breast lift procedure repositions the breasts for a rejuvenated appearance. 

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19 Jan

Questions To Ask Prior to Getting a Facelift

If you’re looking to reduce visible signs of aging, a facelift could be the solution for you. Also called rhytidectomy, the facelift procedure is a tried and true cosmetic option for facial rejuvenation. It involves removing excess skin and fat in the face, tightening or loosening the underlying muscles, and lifting the remaining tissues. This creates a brighter, younger-looking appearance. 

Before you get a facelift, it’s important to be informed. Make sure to ask the following questions during your consultation to ensure the best possible results. 

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07 Jan

Should I Consider a Breast Implant Removal?

Breast implant removal is a procedure in which breast implants from a previous breast augmentation procedure are removed. There are a handful of reasons, both cosmetic and medical, why patients may want implants removed. Here, we’ll discuss these reasons to help you determine if you should consider a breast implant removal. 

Dissatisfaction with Current Implant Size

The most common reason why women undergo breast implant removal is dissatisfaction with the size of their current implants. Cosmetic preferences change over time. So to achieve the aesthetic that they want, women may need to undergo breast implant removal. This way,  smaller or larger replacement implants can be used. Breast implant removal surgery can allow patients to achieve their changing cosmetic goals.

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20 Dec

What To Discuss at Your Breast Reduction Consultation

The consultation with your plastic surgeon is the first step in receiving breast reduction surgery. This consultation is crucial to get to know your doctor, better understand the procedure, and inform your doctor about your goals for the procedure. To ensure that you feel prepared for your breast reduction procedure, make sure to discuss the following points:

Your Desired Results from Breast Reduction

Women often have different cosmetic goals, and breast reduction surgery should be tailored to their personal preferences. During the consultation, you’ll talk about why you want breast reduction surgery and your desired outcome from the surgery. This is an important step to ensure that you’re happy with the results of breast reduction surgery. 

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